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Road, Rail & Air Transport


  • Service provision at regional, national, district and urban levels
  • Financial analyses, economic assessments and economic studies, including the use of the World Bank’s Highway Development and Management model - HDM IV
  • Transportation, traffic engineering and traffic management studies encompassing traffic volumes, loadings and accidents
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of roads, railways and airports
  • Pavement investigations, encompassing physical characteristics of existing pavements, i.e. roughness, skid resistance, texture and surface distress, and evaluation of mechanical and structural properties
  • Rehabilitation design for the strengthening of existing pavements and designs for new pavements
  • Road and bridge inspections, route evaluation, determination of load carrying capacity, route clearance, permit sourcing and supervision of the movement of abnormal loads over various national and regional trunk routes in southern and central Africa
  • Condition surveys, damage assessment and mitigation measures
  • Data collection, covering road networks, location and geometry (cross fall, curvature and gradient). Inventories and asset surveys of signs, markings, guardrails, bridges and other structures
  • Policy formulation for regional and national road sectors
  • Preparation of national and regional highway plans for primary, secondary and feeder roads
  • Vehicle and traffic legislation
  • Permanent way geometrics for railways

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